Young Believer Reflects on His Journey to Islam and his Own Vision-Like Experience

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What Islam Has Done for Me

Bro. Marcellus X, 21, is from Fort. Lauderdale, Florida and vividly recalls when he was first introduced to the Teachings of the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad, under the tutelage of the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan. With his grandmother and uncle, who is the student minister at Muhammad Mosque No. 82, being active members in the Nation of Islam, Bro. Marcellus was somewhat familiar with Islam,

10725086_1506467042943813_656744273_n“My grandmother & uncle had been in the Nation for quite some time and when I would come over her house I would always see pictures and cassettes of The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan,” he said during an interview. “So I was somewhat aware of Islam, but unfortunately being so young I was at the mercy of my mother’s rule and she didn’t agree with it. I wasn’t able to learn more about it at that time.”  

“My Sheep hear my voice; I know them, and they follow me…” John 10:27

It was during the Minister’s 2007 monumental lecture series “Justifiable Homicide: Black Youth in Peril,” that Bro. Marcellus, along with two of his brothers, were invited to hear the first installment. Within minutes, he recognized the Minister’s voice and mission as the door to finding self-love, proper guidance and truth. From then on, he began studying the lessons of the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad. However, Bro. Marcellus, overwhelmed in all that he was learning, was in need of reassurement. Did he truly find the right path? He would get his confirmation sooner than later.

“I believed everything he said wholeheartedly mainly because at that time I was not living right…I remember saying to myself, ‘if I’m ever going to find God, this man is going to lead me to him,'” he said. “As the months went by, there was still some kind of void though. I just needed confirmation. One night I was asleep and I had a vision-like experience. I was wearing an all white linen suit and I was on both knees on a circular platform of light. That platform of light was on the edge of a cliff. As I looked around I saw beautiful trees with vegetation I had never seen before and as I was taking in these marvelous sights, a hand touched my right shoulder. I’d never felt so secure in my life. Then after a while a voice said ‘If you believe that I am here, do not turn around.’  I knew the moment He said ‘if you believe’, that the Person was Master Fard Muhammad…”  

Bro. Marcellus is currently in the student ministry and frequently speaks on the rostrum at Muhammad Mosque No. 82. Everyday he is humbled by the Mercy of Allah(God) who led him to a Truth that has given him purpose in life, ultimately setting him free.

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