Farrakhan Fridays: The Minister Re-Purchases 1,600 Acres of Georgian Land

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the_time_pt36_09-24-2013_1Accompanied by Min. Abdul Rahman Muhammad,  Southern Regional Min. Jamil Muhammad, International Representative Minister Akbar Muhammad, Supreme Captain Abdul Sharrieff Muhammad and Counselor Min. Abdul Arif Muhammad, the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan took a trip down to Georgia to  re-purchase  about 1,600 acres of land on the morning of November, 28, 1994.  The Minister re-established the Southwest Georgia tract as a part of the larger 4,500 tract of land, Muhammad Farms, which the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad purchased in the 1960’s.

The mission of Muhammad Farms has always been economically-driven. The goal is to develop a sustainable agricultural system that would provide at least one meal per day, according to the teachings of the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad for the 40 million black people in America, while providing the necessary raw materials for the production of jobs, clothing and housing.

“I’m going down to Dawson to tell them I want my father’s land back,” said the Minister to over 2,500 Muslims during his visit to Atlanta. … Our inner cities are dying and we want to use the farm as a link between the Nation of Islam and all Black people. We can provide not only good wholesome food to our people with this farm, but also jobs.”      




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