NationTime and the CDC Initiative Proves Holy Water is Effective Against Biological Attacks

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With suspicious viruses like Ebola rapidly exterminating the darker and “saving the lighter”, trustworthy network and information webpages like Nation Time, are much needed.

Quick Introduction
Nation time, which was launched by co-founder Deron X Rosenberg,  is a fairly new social media and economic platform that pays you to use its resources. First time users who register (registration is free) and keep an active profile, instantly become stockholders of the Nation Time corporation, according to Rosenberg.

“It means that every dollar generated by the site (i.e. advertisements, intercommerce, powerbroking) translates into dividends for its users and shareholders. It’s the world’s first 100 percent member-owned social media website. Every member is part owner,” Rosenberg said during a summer interview with Bean Soup Times.

Members can share relevant information concerning businesses and the black dollar, as well as advertise and share ideas that are beneficial to the development of the black community.


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Holy Water and Colloidal Silver
More recently,  the Counter Disease Control Initiative (CDC), a response initiative that exists in order to counter the spread of disease to targeted populations, and NationTime introduced Holy Water.  According to the site, Holy Water is mineral water “uniquely formulated” proven to fight off all known forms of biological attacks.

One of the main and probably the most efficient ingredients  contained in Holy Water, is colloidal silver, which has safely and effectively  killed harmful bacteria and cancerous cells. Healthcare organizations and agencies often denounce colloidal silver as being beneficiary to the immune system, but Nation Time reminds us that disseminating such valuable information is designed to enable the spread of disease and keep doctors employed.

“…On the one hand such websites and organizations have billions of dollars to gain by denouncing the safety and efficacy of colloidal silver–which is infinitely cheaper than the life crippling drug alternatives they endorse–and on the other hand, governmental agencies, and medical boards have the power to intimidate them through threat and economic warfare.”  

In addition, today’s science has proven that colloidal silver is in fact safe, kills antibiotic resistant bacteria, breast cancer and pandemic viruses.

For purchasing information and for helpful links that scientifically prove the benefits of Holy Water ingredients like colloidal silver, please click here. 


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