Nation 19 Clothing Line Promotes Consciousness and Love of Self

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“At Nation 19 we’re all about what The Messenger has taught us which is to “Accept your own and be yourself.” -Sis. Masaniai, Social Media Manager 


Masaniai Muhammad Ali modeling the first tee called the “Nineteencci,”

Launched by Hakeem Khaaliq, his wife Queen Muhammad Ali, and her sister Masaniai Ali, innovative clothing line, Nation 19, is dedicated to helping the youth in the Nation of Islam and abroad embrace who they are. Wanting to embrace modesty, often times the youth have a hard time finding fashion outside of wearing garments. At Nation 19, they help broaden that perception through their clothing line fueled by the Teachings of the Most Hon. Elijah Muhammad.

In an interview with Bro. Jesse, Sis. Masaniai stated,

“When we teach them to love themselves and show them more fashionable things that are decent, then they will open up more. We can show them there are better ways to dress than the normal things they see other young sisters wearing and we’re striving to convey that in the 19 clothing line.”

To date, the clothing line is being worn by new Roc Nation artist Jay Electronica, Da Lench Mob, Proverb (South Africa), Rhyme Fest, Jasiri X, West Coast Kam, and a host of supporters who have posted their photos on the official Facebook page.

Product Highlights
Nation 19 offers an array of t-shirts, snap backs, and scullies that incorporate Hip-Hop and the unparalleled consciousness of the Teachings.

A-RAB Money tee. $24.99

A-RAB Money tee. $24.99

Occupy D.C. tee. $24.99

Occupy D.C. tee. $24.99

Olmec Tee. $24.99

Olmec Tee. $24.99


APDTA Beanine/Scully  $19.30

APDTA Beanine/Scully

Camo nation19_itune_n_store Chief 19

King Kukui Medallion.  $40.00

King Kukui Medallion.

For more information on products, discounts  and shipping details, please visit the Nation 19 webpage, follow on Facebook, Twitter 

“One thing that Mother Tynnetta has taught us is to really focus on the youth. Nation 19 allows the youth to get their ideas out and not feel ignored. That is where the gap is between the elders and the youth,” said Sis. Masaniai. 

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