Musician to Musician: Maxi Priest Shares His Experience of Meeting Minister Farrakhan

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Recently, well-known British reggae vocalist, Maxi Priest publicly shared a heartwarming reflection on his Facebook page about meeting the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan for the first time, during the weekend of the Holy Day of Atonement in Kingston, Jamaica.

Although some would say that the meeting was a mere coincidence, as Maxi Priest stated that the driver of his vehicle happened to be an FOI and introduced him to the Minister, let us remember that Allah(God) guides who He pleases to the straight path. Because there are so many slanderous misperceptions about the Minister and the Nation of Islam circulating among our own people, the message and essence of a truly Divine servant of Allah(God) can be casually disregarded. If only humanity in general, and Blacks in particular, would unharden their hearts and look beyond the naysayers, hypocrites and deceptive media, then Like Maxi Priest, they will also discover the heart of gold that the Minister so selflessly shares.

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