Meet Nzinga Muhammad, Self Taught Artist and Aspiring Musician

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Inspired by the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, Sis. Nzinga Muhammad, 14,  hails from Rochester, New York, and is a self-taught artist. Although she discovered her passion for drawing last year, her creations say otherwise, and because the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad encouraged all Believers to take what Allah (God) has given us and use it to awaken and serve our people, Sis. Nzinga has exactly that in mind,

“In the future, Inshallah, I want an art gallery to show and display my art work. I’m working on that now starting small with social media especially on Instagram,” she said during an interview.

“The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan inspires me the most because he says to believe and have faith to bring our vision into a reality. There is power in those words and it helps me a lot when trying to achieve my goals.”

She’s also an aspiring violinist who has dedicated two years of her time to sharpening her musicianship. In the meantime, one will always find Sis. Nzinga remaining humble in her path towards oneness with Allah(God), reflecting on her gratitude of Islam and The Teachings of the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad:

“Islam has given me a way to be separate from this world. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said this world is a paradise for the disbelievers and a prison for the believers. That description to me shows how wicked it is as a paradise for those who don’t believe in Allah or righteous teachings,” she explained. “The world that was doomed from the beginning is something I want to be far away from, and being in the Nation of Islam has given me a clear distinction between this world and the true religion of Islam… It’s like a lollipop with a wrapper on versus one without a wrapper. The wrapped one is more satisfying and clean because you know it hasn’t been tasted by anyone else. However, a lollipop that has no wrapper on it isn’t clean. It has flies that are attracted to it and they are leaving diseases they carry, and leaving an unpleasant candy behind. Islam has given me a shield from ‘flies’ or sick men (Praise be to Allah).”

Believers can view most of her artwork via her Instagram account, and she occasionally posts her art to Twitter.


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