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887158962257_Cover.600x600-75Hailing from Muhammad Mosque #28 in St. Louis, Mo., innovative and creative  FOI member, Trebor X, could be the first music artist and finger drummer in the Nation of Islam to launch a completely electric or dub-step music album. Wanting to be the first to introduce something new to Believers and wider audiences, Bro. Trebor released his album, “The Saviours’ Suite,” and it seems to entail some of his biggest inspirations like, the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, Michael Jackson, Prince and James Brown. Dub step consists of instrumental electronic music which is characterized by syncopated rhythm and an emphasis on bass and drum elements. Sounds easy? But according to Bro. Trebor, when you only have two hands to work Garageband, Logic, Abelton Live and a Novation Impulse keyboard (the music hardware behind Saviours’ Suites), and one mind to focus on ideas and direction, the work ethic becomes rather demanding. In other words, he wrote,produced, mixed, mastered and arranged the entire album on his own.

“The process of making the album was a physical and mental struggle. I would stay up for at least 16 hours a day trying to find a sound, create beats and edit all by myself,” he said. “Though it was a struggle the album was finished in eight months.”

Short video footage of Bro Trebor mixing live sounds on Albeton Live and other music software.

With album artwork by Maryam Muhammad, the 12 track electro album can be previewed and purchased for $9.99 on iTunes, Google PlayAmazon.

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