Journey to Islam: Khadijah X on the Importance of Recognizing and Sharing Truth

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“I was introduced to the Teachings of the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad in the wound…” -Sis. Khadijah X  

Hailing from the St. Paul study group in Minneapolis, MN., Sis. Khadijah X’s parents, who were active members in the Nation of Islam, understood how to “give birth to a god,” with her father intentionally naming her after Prophet Muhammad’s (PBUH) first wife.

Black Muslim News had the opportunity to interview Sis. Khadijah X on her journey to Islam, as well as the uphill battle to humbly discerning, understanding and sharing the Truth revealed to the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad with others.

BMN: What are your aspirations, if any, for helping the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan and his mission to help raise the mental, spiritual and economical condition of the Black man and woman?

VLT7-ao4Khadijah: “I aspire to use my gift of teaching to help the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan with his mission. I prayed to God to bless me with the ability to alleviate misunderstandings about the Nation of Islam, Master Fard Muhammad, the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad, the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan and any events that have taken place in our history that may be grounds for controversy. I want to clear up the misunderstandings to allow people the opportunity to
actually see us for what we are and not as someone has described us to be. I also want to open up a school system to provide our children with real education. I am also on course to be an auditor so I will be able to help the Minister as an auditor. I want to help in any capacity the Minister needs me to.”  

BMN: Feel free to share all that is on your heart. What has Islam done for you?

Khadijah: “Islam has given me the proper perspective of life and how it should be lived. Islam has taught me the value of my life and other life forms, as well as such as animals and insects; everything has its place. Islam has taught me the value of unity in every aspect. Imagine this. Someone bends one of your fingers back towards your wrist. How painful is that? Well, the more fingers you bend along with that finger, the less painful the bending of your fingers is. Islam has put me in the process of becoming a civilized human being and has given me what I have always yearned for which is knowledge of God, knowledge of self, knowledge of the mind and how to alleviate problems in my life to better help with the problems in society in order to make the world what God intends for it to be. Islam has given me the knowledge needed to survive this life and excel to any height I desire to by God’s permission.”  

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