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Personal trainer and entrepreneur, Arron Muhammad.

Personal Trainer for Steve Harvey, Arron Muhammad knows what it takes to target and eliminate unhealthy habits that physically impair the body. As a former health food store owner and trainer at Bally’s Total Fitness, Arron has been an advocate for personal fitness training for 14 years and in 2009, he launched Top Notch Training (TNT) to inspire others to challenge and take care of their bodies. At the age of 58, Mr. TNT is the perfect example of what eating and moving to live looks like.

TNT offers personal, group, and corporate training to clients, inspiring and aiding people from all walks of life to accomplish weight loss, strength and conditioning, manipulate their metabolism, safely and properly exercise. Because he is truly concerned about the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual condition of the whole-person, Arron offers techniques that help clients handle stress-related work. TNT has proved that you can lower healthcare costs in an inexpensive way when you increase your morals and boost your productivity.

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Delores Reed, 38. “I never really thought of myself as strong. Nor could I see myself lifting weights. I feel so much better! I am constantly amazed at the amount of weight that I am able to lift, now. Thank you for your dedication, expertise, availability and demeanor. Making that commitment to work with you has been one of the best decisions I have made in my life.”

Nick Hankins. “Steve Harvey surprised me when my little ‘Ask Steve’ question turned into a 6-month session with his personal trainer Arron Muhammad. Arron has been a brilliant trainer who doesn’t even need to raise his voice to get you to finish a set.”

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