Farrakhan Fridays: Understanding the Root of Christian & Muslim Disunity

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The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad described the importance of Black unity best, when he said that “our unity is more powerful than any hydrogen or atomic bomb.” This is footage from the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan’s 2005 Savior’s Day message. The Minister not only discusses the connection between slavery and Christianity, but the fact that many of his own people, the Black man and woman, condemn him for speaking the way that he does, while they stand in support of the oppressor who casually sweeps the issue of racism and nearly 500 years of servitude under the rug. The Minister also addresses the disease of white supremacy in Islam.

The only way to atone and repent, is to discern with the truth revealed to a Divine man unafraid to thoroughly and accurately explain both Bible and Holy Quran with courage.

“…Look at the indigenous people of Central America and the Caribbean and South America. When the Whites came from Europe with the cross, what did they do to those indigenous people? Was that an act of love or an act of hate? Was it killing for Jesus or killing for gold and the riches of these people to bring it back to Europe and the kings and rulers of Europe? So there’s no Christian, can talk about Muslim hate. You’ve been fighting for 400 years for justice, who have you been fighting against? Your own Christian White brother!…”

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