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CEO and Founder of ADNARAM FEMME, Maranda Ortiz Yameen, is an independent fashion designer from Chicago, Ill. She is already turning heads and sparking the interest of many because of her chic and  sophisticated sense of fashion and humble personality.

Maranda spelled backwards, ADNARAM FEMME is a  custom jewelry line, that promotes healthy living in a uniquely fashionable way. Maranda frequently created jewelry with rare beads and buttons before she stumbled across a photo of Roman mosaic fire treated glass towards the end of 2012. Wanting to re-invent the design, she began researching information about precious stones, semiprecious stones, rubies and gems, and decided to design with these natural elements from the earth. The jewelry line offers Pyrite stone, onyx, fuchsia agate, natural crystals, healing wands, gem stones, glass beads and MORE for both men and women. 

All of the jewelry created at ADNARAM FEMME have the power to enhance positive energy and heal internal diseases of the body. ADNARAM FEMME is also the blogspot for hair, makeup, design, fabric sourcing, drawing inspiration, trends, fashion business, events and more. It is truly one of a kind, because the mission is not only about physical beauty, but embracing who you are internally. Her collection has something for everyone.

Check out a handful of exclusive handmade jewelry pics from below:

Blueberry Lemon Drop Handmade Wrist Jewel AD (1) Custom Fring Earings Peacock pleasure earings af3 imageAD2

For information about ordering ADNARAM FEMEE products, please visit Elevate Your Relevance. Follow Maranda on Twitter,  Facebook and Pinterest.


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