Black Muslim Activist Spotlight: Bro. Abel Muhammad & the Importance of Black and Brown Unity

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Latino representative and student minister for the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam, Bro. Abel Muhammad, will be making a trip to the west coast to help break the divisions among our people in the California region.

Beginning on Friday evening, November 21, Bro. Abel will be speaking at Rialto, California’s Muhammad Mosque #97, and on Sunday morning, Nov. 23, Compton’s Muhammad Mosque #54, will welcome our brother to share the importance of Black and Brown unity. But why the Rialto and Compton regions of California?

According to the 2010 U.S. census, the Hispanic or Latino population is greater than 67 percent in Rialto, California. In Compton, the population is about 97,000, and was predominantly Black for many years; however, it is now 65 percent Latino and 33 percent Black, according to the 2010 U.S. census. Within the last decade, members of the Mexican mafia prison gang were indicted for harassing and intimidating Black communities within the Southern California region. So without a doubt, a message of unity, self love and reflection is much needed to uproot the disease of white supremacy and Black inferiority. In an interview, Bro. Abel further explained the importance and mission of his upcoming lectures,

“…It had been on my heart to go to California- LA specifically. It was on my heart because we constantly see the enemy try to pit our people against each other there,” he said. “With all that is happening in Ferguson and Mexico – with young people rising up against the systems that has historically oppressed our people, it just felt like that is where I should go right now to share with our people how important our unity is in this hour… I want our people, Black and Mexican/Indigenous, to know that they are the people of God. I hope to feed the idea of Unity.”

Sunday’s lecture titled, PHARAOH’S FEAR : THE UNITY AND RISE OF THE BLACK AND THE BROWN , will examine The Time and how it is in favor of the oppressed but against the oppressors who scheme and distract the indigenous in hopes that division and lack of knowledge will continue to divert us from the straight path.

All Praises due to Allah(God) for faithful helpers of the Minister, like Bro. Abel. May Allah’s voice resonate  through your words and unharden the hearts of all who hear you and lead the people to Islam- total submission to the will of Allah(God).

“Islam has give me this mission, this purpose – to give all I can towards the Mission of the Messiah – to help the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan in getting ALL of His people, and do whatever part I can in bringing the words of the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad to fruition that we will soon make an attempt at uniting all of the Originals of the Western Hemisphere. Whatever little part I can have in helping to do that, I pray to be able to be of use to Allah, His Christ, Their Minister and our people towards that end. I know that our unity is the key to solving our troubles, and we cannot unite unless we have The Truth as the basis of that unity.”  

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